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The YouTube video that started it all

How to organize a tiny home

After living for 5 years in a 90-square-foot NYC studio, I realized how much larger my life had become. My expenses went down, my free time went up. My stress went down, my happiness went up. Turns out, living small made my life larger. Millions around the world have seen the YouTube video of how I thrived in that tiny space the size of  a Honda Accord and many asked for my advice on how to downsize and declutter. "90 Lessons for Living Large" gives lessons on how to live the life you want in any size space. Please also check out my blog "Living Large in Any Size" for my unique spin on living a large life. And if you live in the New York City area and would like me to organize your life or just need some organizing tips for your home, office, storage unit, car trunk, etc., please send me an email.

Tour of Felice's new apartment