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What happens when 21 unstoppable women—including a Canadian radio host, a Nigerian actress, a bisexual Jew in an age-gap lesbian romance, a Break-Up Coach, an Indian Men’s Right Activist, a religious minister, a Brazilian law professor, a transgender activist, a teen author, a Muslim singer, a money Coach and more—unite their voices? They show that no matter what your life experiences have been, when you find a connection to someone or some experience, it will give you the freedom to show the world how BOLD, BRAVE & BALLSY you are. By getting “naked” these women reveal some of their most intimate secrets on finding their journey to self. This is an honest and provocative book that will remind you no matter where you come from, or the hand the Universe has dealt you, you can always choose to gift yourself the freedom to be UNSTOPPABLE.

I Bared
My Chest

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21 Unstoppable Women Get NAKED!