Jack and the Bad Stock: A modern day fairy tale
Jack and the Bad Stock is the story of a teenager named Jack who lives with his two moms in Manhattan. When his mothers lose their life savings in a Ponzi scheme, Jack is forced to sell the Bessie, the family's most valuable sculpture. But Jack loses the cow in a street game and gains a magic bean. The bean grows into an enormous green stalk which, of course, Jack climbs. There he finds a giant and his wife hiding because of terrible things the giant did. Is this giant responsible for stealing his mothers' money? Jack is determined to find out.

The Fancy Tales: Modern versions of Classic Fairy Tales
The Fancy Tales are modern New York City versions of the classic fairy tales we all grew up with, yet they contain a wholesomely presented and slightly sophisticated gay twist. They are for kids, teens and adults (gay or straight!) to enjoy. Most boys and girls grow up reading fairy tales where the boy meets the girl, or rather, the prince finds his princess. But what about those boys who dream of meeting the boy of their dreams? Or for those girls who dream of finding the girl of their dreams? I hope you have as much fun reading these tales as we in the magic and faraway land of Manhattan did creating them. Toodle-oo!

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