Peter Pan Zee is the story of the great-great-great-great grandson of a great Indian chief who runs the School for Lost Boys, a group of boys whose families disowned them because they’re gay. Peter Pan Zee helps the boys channel their grief through rowing, however they’re plagued by their rival, the Pirates, led by a one-handed captain. But that’s not their only hardship. Living in Never Sleep Land takes its toll on the boys who are exhausted. When Peter Pan Zee overhears a teenage girl reading a book and it makes him drowsy, he recruits her to read to his Lost Boys. Unfortunately a certain captain foils their plan.

available in paperback and ebook

Peter Pan Zee
A Fancy Tale

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A Modern Day Peter Pan with a gay twist

What are the Fancy Tales?

The Fancy Tales are modern day versions of the classic fairy tales we all grew up with that take place in New York City and contain a wholesomely presented and slightly sophisticated gay twist. They are for kids, teens, and adults (gay or straight!) to enjoy. Most boys and girls grow up reading fairy tales where the prince finds his princess. But what about those boys who dream of meeting the boy of their dreams? Or those girls who dream of finding the girl of their dreams? For them, there are The Fancy Tales.

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Jack and the Bad Stock