She'safella is the story of Fella, a young women living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her father, a horrible stepmother, and two mean stepbrothers. Fella is happiest when she’s playing softball in Central Park, but her stepbrothers find a way to ruin that by coming to her games and shouting, “She’safella!” since she’s the only girl on the team. When the newspapers announce that the mayor is hosting a gala at Tavern on the Green for his daughter, She’safella couldn’t care less. At this point, enter She’safella’s “Don’t call me fairy” Godmother, some magic Freedom rings, the stroke of 2 a.m. (midnight is way too early in The Big Apple), and a missing Dr. Martens shoe.

available in paperback and ebook

A Fancy Tale

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A Modern Day Cinderella with a gay twist

What are the Fancy Tales?

The Fancy Tales are modern day versions of the classic fairy tales we all grew up with that take place in New York City and contain a wholesomely presented and slightly sophisticated gay twist. They are for kids, teens, and adults (gay or straight!) to enjoy. Most boys and girls grow up reading fairy tales where the prince finds his princess. But what about those boys who dream of meeting the boy of their dreams? Or those girls who dream of finding the girl of their dreams? For them, there are The Fancy Tales.

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Peter Pan Zee

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Jack and the Bad Stock