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Could you do it for five years? And could you be happy? Felice Cohen could. And she was. A YouTube video of her astonishing use of space went viral with over 25 million views. Felice’s highly organized approach, gleaned from more than 25 years as a professional organizer, prepared her for the challenge of a tiny space, smack in the middle of Manhattan, where the city itself became her “extra rooms.” 90 Lessons is a “want to” guide on how to “live large” in any size space, the message being: eliminate clutter and focus on the things that matter. Whether you live in 90 or 9,000 square feet, this book will be of real practical and immediate value.

90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or More)


Could you live in an apartment with 90 square feet of floor space, the area approximately the same as a Honda Accord?

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WINNER: Best How To Book Award, New York Festival 2017

WINNER: Best Self Help Book, Pacific Book Review 2016

HONORABLE MENTION: General Non-Fiction, New England Book Festival Award 2016

FINALIST: Book Award (UK) Adult Non-Fiction, Wishing Shelf 2016

FINALIST: Non-Fiction, Next Generation Indie Book Award 2017

FINALIST: Self-Improvement: Motivational, Bookvana 2016


"It’s not the advice, however, that animates the book, but Cohen’s optimism and exuberance... Cohen’s ability to reframe seeming deprivation into liberation infuses her organizing hints with a luminous quality. Readers won’t just shed their shoes; they’ll reclaim their souls."