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30 More Days at Home? What an Opportunity.

The latest news is that we’ll be “sheltering in place” at least through mid-May. That gives us 30 more days of being home. Thirty more days of watching our roots grow out, watching the sun rise and set from our windows, and discovering new ways to prepare canned legumes. It also gives us an opportunity. How many times over the years have you thought, “I wish I had time to paint the living room.” “I wish I had time start writing my novel.”

Guess what? Now you do.

As tough as these circumstances are with so much out of our control, what if we looked at it from what we can control. We can pick up a book and start reading. We can go through our sweaters and get rid of what we no longer wear.

It’s hard to get motivated, I know, I’ve been working from home for years, but some day (hopefully soon) we will have to once again set an alarm, wash our hair, and put on clothes other than sweats. How will you feel if you look back at this time and think, “I wish I had done (fill in the blank) while I was home.”

Guess what? Now you can.

Write down one thing you’d like to accomplish then picture yourself on May 15 having completed that task. Or at least started it. Whether it’s clean out the garage or lose weight, the hardest step is simply the first. Once you see the slightest sign of progress, you’ll be motivated to keep going.

Try this. Set aside 45 minutes a day toward your goal. Set the timer on your phone and begin. When the timer goes off, pat yourself on the back and resume your Netflix binging. You might have only made a slight dent, but you’ve at least begun; that’s half the battle. Of course, you can always reset the timer and go again.

Because guess what? It’s up to you.

What would you like to accomplish by May 15? Feel free to share it with me. And if you need help on how or where to begin, just ask.

Stay safe. Felice

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