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A Feast Means More Than Food For One Family

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m curious, were you a sleeves-rolled-up-sweat-dripping-from-your-brow-over-a-hot-stove-participant? Or did you just show up and start eating?

turkey 2

Even though the time it took to consume the food was a fraction of the prep time, I now consider the entire day the “feast,” not just the eating part. Our Thanksgiving “feast” bega

family photo

For many, Thanksgiving has become more like a speed bump until Christmas; a pause from the shopping and scurrying before dashing off to the mall for 50% off midnight madness sales. However, in our family, Thanksgiving is about the non-stop hugs, toasts made, discussions had, songs sung, presents distributed and jokes told making us thankful for each other. For me, Thanksgiving is not about the turkey or the vegetarian stuffing or the homemade apple pie on the table, but about the people seated around it.

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