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Can Closet Cleaning Help? Yes.

It’s now a week after Hurricane Sandy and the stories are heartbreaking. A father and son on Staten Island, checking out the flood in their basement while their family was safe upstairs, were electrocuted. A family in New Jersey, told to evacuate their home, were not in their car five minutes before a tree fell, killing both kids in the backseat. And then the young couple in Brooklyn out walking their dog, killed by a falling tree.

Of course there are the thousands who lost their homes and all their possessions by flooding or fire. Gasoline lines from Connecticut to New York to New Jersey are improving, but still, far from great. Now a Nor’easter is headed to town, only adding insult to injury. Life seems a bit more fragile than it did before Sandy’s visit, as it puts into perspective how imperative it is to appreciate each day and not stress so much about the little things.

While many in the tri-state were lucky to miss Sandy’s aim, many were not. It’s going to take a lot of money, time and effort to right this ship. That’s where we, the lucky ones, come in. We can help. Many organizations need money, supplies and volunteers. For those of us with closets bursting with stuff we don’t wear, this is the perfect motivation to fill a bag to give to those who have nothing. November is the month of Thanksgiving, which as of late has become more about food, than actual giving. Let’s bring back the real tradition today.

Below is a list of needed supplies, and here is a link to places where you can send supplies or make a donation.

Supplies needed: coats, hats, blankets, sweaters, rain boots, even socks, water, can goods, toiletries, flashlights, batteries, heavy duty garbage bags, masks, cleaning supplies, and school supplies.

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