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Cardboard Box or Box Spring?

I had another blog set and ready for posting today, when I happened to walk by a furniture store on the Upper West Side early yesterday morning. From there, all plans went out the window.

As you will notice from the photo, a homeless man is sleeping on the sidewalk, something we see all too often. But what makes this image so disconcerting is that he is lying on the cold hard concrete, his head, covered with a green winter hat on a makeshift pillow, inches below an enormous window of the furniture store, where inside are warm and cozy beds, decorated in inviting colors, appearing soft, warm and relaxing. And then there’s the sign in the window: “Rest Assured.” Rest assured indeed.

At this time of year, you can’t walk down the street without knowing we’re in the thick of the holiday season. Trees covered with twinkling lights, sales posted in store windows, and this homeless man’s sign that says, “Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas,” along with a menorah and candles situated in between his black high top sneakers.

In December, wallets are open for pleasure, but it’s also a time to open them for those less fortunate. But you just don’t have to give money. Many people are in need of warm coats. How many winter coats are in your closet? And of those, how many do you actually wear?

With making resolutions around the corner and possibly thoughts of getting rid of clutter, one trick to help you keep your resolution is to change the focus. Instead of saying, “I need to clean out the front closet,” think of it as how the stuff you’re getting rid will help others. Knowing that your donations will make an immediate difference may be all the motivation you need.

Below are websites of where you can donate coats

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