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Do Over and Over

Welcoming the New Year is a good time to reflect on changes: changes we want to make and changes we did make. For me, one change I’m always looking to work on is to: s l o w d o w n.

Shrinky Dinks BEFORE heating

When we put our goals out there, the universe has ways of keeping us focused. Reminders come at any time, in large or small signs or in subtle forms. This last week I got plenty of reminders. A speeding ticket in Connecticut on my way to the movies. A returned library book during a busy morning running errands only to realize soon after I still had fifteen pages left to read. And one ruined section of a large Shrinky Dinks art project I was working on when I turned up the oven to “quicken the process” because I wanted to get it done. In my haste I forgot what I already knew: rushing often ends up costing more effort and time.

So after I paid the fine I went to the library. There I found the book again, and this time sat down in a leather chair and finished those last few pages. Back home I took out my art supplies, a fresh sheet of Shrinky Dinks and redrew and recolored the section I earlier ruined.

ruined s dink

Shrinky Dinks AFTER heating

We’ve all got plenty to do and often little time to complete them. While some tasks are enjoyable and others are not, whatever you’re doing, it’s not always about getting it done, but about enjoying the doing. I’m thankful I had the time for a “do-over.” I wish all mistakes could be redone. Such as taking back a hurtful comment or paying more attention to tending the garden of a current friendship. Can you think of a do-over you’d like to do?

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year filled with peace, love and plenty of time for Do-Overs!

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