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DVDs and CDs and no space, oh my!

Nives from Croatia has asked for help in a few areas of her cluttered life, one huge one being her collection of DVDs. In this world of Blu Rays, DVDs, CDs and video game disks, this problem haunts many a family room. What to do?  Aside from donating them (“What? No!” I can hear you say) there are great options for storing them.

With CDs, copying all your music to itunes takes up the least amount of space. And what’s better, you can then sell them and make back a few dollars. A great company is, which also buys back used DVDs and video games. For those who would never part with their CDs or DVDs, a great option is to store them in binders. This also rings true for video game disks and computer disks.  The ones I use are made by, but there are many other brands.  I no longer buy CDs, but when I was, I stored them in alphabetical order and left one space blank every few pages for when I bought new music.  I would put the insert in front and the CD behind it. Of the dozen DVDs I own, they are in another binder that also stores my computer CDs. This case sits on my shelf and takes up little space.  Another great benefit of the cases is how easy it is to find what you’re looking for.  And since you’ll be spending less time searching, you’ll have more time to actually watch a movie.

Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have a small-space or clutter challenge.



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