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Enjoy a Spring Fling!

No, I’m not talking about a large social event or a tryst. I mean fling – literally – as in toss, pitch, hurl and throw. And I’m referring to clothes. With Spring (finally!) here, the flowers have begun peeking out of the ground and anyone with a green thumb knows that to keep a garden looking beautiful, you must continually work at removing the weeds, otherwise they will choke the flowers.

Same is true with your closet, especially after a long winter.

As we switch gears and switch winter and summer wardrobes, before packing away the fleece and wool, make sure it’s really something you want to keep. Did you wear it this winter? If not, why? Are the turtlenecks (okay, who still wears those?) looking ratty? The wool socks filled with holes (even though you swear you’re going to darn them)? And do your sweaters have more pills than a CVS? If you are ruthless before you store these clothes away, you’ll have only nice things when (dare I say the nasty word) winter rolls around again.

A few steps to help you prepare for the big clothes switchero:

Put on your favorite music Open the windows – let in fresh air Have garbage bags ready for donation Invite a friend over to help And have fun!

Remember, by “weeding” out the clothes you don’t want, you’re making room for new clothes!

Best, Felice

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