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Fall Into Step

Fall weather must be filled with some kind of memory toxin. A good one. The blue skies, the warm sun, but that breeze; cool, crisp and smells like new fresh air circulating that brings me right back to freshman year. High school or college, doesn’t matter. It’s that instinctual newness of starting something foreign and scary, but altogether exciting. Tinged with a bit of nostalgia, this sense, for the most part, is like one great kick in the pants to get you moving.

Fall has always been a time for new beginnings, for the hope of finally getting straight A’s. It’s for clean slates, clean notebooks and clean sneakers, all waiting to be sullied, filled and dirtied. It’s the time for making lists, setting goals and achieving them. It’s about stepping up your game. If I could bottle that scent, I would call it Motivation.

For those starting a new school semester, you’ve got your handy syllabus filled with quizzes and homework and exams to lead you to your goals. For the rest of us, what do we follow?

My first semester after college I was lost without a syllabus. I soon realized the only way to achieve my goals was to cre

ate a syllabus, my own personal game plan.

So, in the spirit of educators everywhere, why not create a syllabus for yourself? Whether you want to organize your home, write a novel, master your smart phone, land a job or even lose weight, make a syllabus for the fall to achieve that goal. You’ve got four months to the final. Halfway is Halloween. Break your goal into steps and distribute them over the next 16 weeks.

While it’s easier to complete those steps when you’ve got a professor standing over your shoulder (along with the threat of getting an “F”), maybe try this with a friend or promise yourself a reward with each completed step. The aim is to complete your goal. The best part is that when you’re done, not only aren’t there student loans, but you’re sure to get an A+. This time.

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