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Finding a Small Space

With so many requests on how to find your own small space (since I found mine through 
a friend), I asked a local real estate broker for some advice. 

Nataliya Bari-Fullerton had this to say:

"If you don’t want to use a broker, word of mouth is best. Talk to local business 
owners as they may own the building, too. The older the business, the higher the 
probability the apartments above are theirs. It may require a lot of searching, 
but it can be done. Sometimes going door to door can really pay off. If you’re not interested
in navigating the market yourself, contact a broker and let them know exactly what you 
are looking for. We do have inexpensive spaces in coveted neighborhoods, but most of the
time a small space won’t photograph as well so its chances of being advertised are slim. 
Best bet is to find a broker you trust and be completely open! Our job is to find you what 
you are looking for – whether it is a 90sqft loft studio, or a Classic Six on Riverside Drive. "

If you'd like to contact Nataliya, her email is:

I will continue to add tips on finding small spaces as I get them.
Good luck!
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