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Fit Your Bod in A Pod

People love visiting New York City. With great theater, shopping and landmarks to see, your day can be filled from sunrise until long after sunset, making your hotel room a place just for sleep. Considering that most hotels charge large fees for small rooms, does it seem worth it?

It’s never anyone’s intention to stay somewhere that’s tiny, but what if it was? What if, as part of your itinerary, your intention was to experience a small space that was practical and functional and had style, all for a reasonable price? If so, I’ve got the perfect place.

No, it’s not my former 90 square foot apartment, but a hip hotel called The Pod with two locations in midtown. The furniture has smooth corners made to fit perfectly inside the various-sized rooms that range from 60 to 120 square feet. On a recent tour of the hi-tech 39th Street hotel (by the way, it’s a landmark building as it once served as the Salvation Army’s home for women), I saw different rooms including the “bunk pod” and the “queen pod,” both tiny spaces with all the amenities anyone visiting NYC would need: comfortable bed, good-sized bathroom, desk and a place to hang your clothes. There are even individual flat screen TVs at the foot of each bed. (Something I considered doing in my old tiny loft bed).

Speaking to a guest in the lobby, a woman from Italy said, “There’s just enough room to walk between the bed and the wall, but the price is great and we weren’t there much. This is The Big Apple after all.”

My sentiments exactly, which is why living in 90 square feet was never a problem for me. My backyard was Central Park; my living room was in 3D. When one comes to see NYC, they come to see it.

For anyone planning a visit to my fair city, I recommend adding “experience living small” to your list of To Dos after “walking along the Highline” and seeing “The Book of Mormon.” It won’t only keep your wallet happy, but it just might make you appreciate the size of your home a bit more.

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