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Good Intentions

I woke this morning with the intention of writing about resolutions. Once the blog was posted, I planned to take the subway up to the Bronx, pay the parking garage, hit the gym, do some projects at home, and then walk to Times Square tonight to see “The Other Place” on Broadway.

But of course we all know what happens when we make plans.

Seeing as it was New Year’s Day, I found no reason to set my alarm. However I woke early (too early) to a consistent beeping sound from the other room. Though larger than my old apartment, this apartment is still small enough that beeping sounds carry. Every thirty seconds came a succession of three tiny beeps.

I checked the smoke detector. Nope. Then I remembered.

A month ago, two guys from PC Richards delivered my brand new kitchen appliances. And even though the fridge is currently next to the couch, across the room from where it will find a permanent home as soon as Marco and his Merry Men of Builders lay the floor tiles (tomorrow, I hope), I’ve been using it. Before the deliverymen left, they explained the one unique feature.

“If you leave the door open for a minute it will beep until the door is closed,” one of the guys said, after he plugged it in. “This is in case you leave the door open by mistake.”

“I wonder if I could program it to say, ‘enough already, stop with the snacking,’” I said. The guys laughed. Then they left.

Now, for some cockamamie reason, the fridge won’t stop beeping. It’s like Poe’s Tell Tale Heart. Over and over, taunting me. I’ve checked the seal, I’ve felt the foods inside and they’re cold. So I did what any other savvy person in the 21st Century would do, I Googled the manual. The troubleshooting page was useless. I Googled the model number and “won’t stop beeping.” To my dismay, others have had this problem. I called LG’s hotline. “Unplug it then plug it back in,” the person said. (Is that, like, the first solution for any technical problem?) So I did. And it worked. Until an hour later when I went to get a drink and it started beeping again. I called LG back.

A technician is coming, but not for a few days. Still, there’s the beeping. While I could wear earplugs, I think it’s better I embrace the sound. I opened my Voice Recorder app and recorded the beeping, then set it as my notification for receiving texts. Now the beeping is associated with something I like.

Maybe this year my New Year’s Resolution will be to find solutions. I’d say I’m off to a pretty good start.

Happy 2013!

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