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Gotta go! Gotta go! Gotta go! (Sung to the tune of Let it snow!)

Oh the weather outside is frightful But my new co-op will be delightful

And since I’ve been told, “It’s time to go” Let my space grow! Let it grow! Let it grow!

Seems four and a half years was quite enough And the landlord’s attorney was gruff They weren’t thrilled with the Youtube video So I was given the ol’ heave ho!

Well I’ve already started packing And the boxes I’ve been forced into stacking Finally 90 square feet I did outgrow So I go! So I go! So I go!

I’m moving with just the clothes on my back Plus all the totes stacked up on my rack So with my Shrinky Dink art in tow I’ll be moving three weeks from tomorrow!

My new one bedroom is really sunny And having a doorman will feel funny But no longer living like a Lilliputian with one window Will indeed raise my status quo!

Soon I’ll be dwelling in 500 square feet That’s five times bigger I’ll be sure to Tweet But still my fans they want to know Have I abandoned living simply and I swear no!

Sure there’s furniture and dishes I’ll be buying And straight to IKEA is where I’ll do the shmying Getting glasses, bowls, forks and more cargo What’ll I do with so much space yet I don’t know!

Once I settle in I’ll be sharing my story Of any homeowner’s newfound glory However there’s still the mortgage I’ll owe Working to get the balance down to zero!

I admit my tiny studio I’ll miss It’s been an incredible few years of bliss But like any great moments we know There they go! There they go! There they go!

I am looking forward to my new place With a ceiling not so close to my face And though I hate saying buh-bye to my little burrow I’m gung ho! I’m gung ho! I’m gung ho!

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