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Hope Springs Eternal

I’m for anything that motivates people to do healthy constructive things for themselves. As for “New Year’s Resolutions,” Webster’s defines resolution as… “A firm decision to do or not to do something.” Goals are important; achieving them is a whole other story.

When the odds of accomplishment are realistically hope-less and you know it (i.e. buy a million dollar co-op, lose 40 pounds by July 4th), where then does motivation to even take on the job come from?

From hope.

Luckily we have a never-ending supply of hope, that internal encouragement that comes from some inner place to make us believe we can reach our goals. But it’s not always easy to tap into.

My own proof of that is my grandfather Murray, who spent five years in labor and concentration camps in the Holocaust having literally near-death experiences every day. He was vastly outnumbered and vastly outgunned as he watched his world and his hopes crumble daily. Yet he survived, he says, because every day he had hope. Hope that one day he would have a wife and children and more family to replace all those who were killed. With all that the Nazis had taken from him, hope was the one thing they couldn’t exterminate, because it was where they couldn’t reach, that spark of spirit that created and nurtured hope like a tiny ember needed to start a fire.

So, hope comes from spirit. As to the source of that spirit? Beats me. But I know it, I’ve seen it and I hope I always will.

Happy New Year!

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