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How’d Ya Do?

It’s the end of the school year and that can mean only one thing… report cards! Time to face the music. Were you consistently above average? Did you show improvement? Will you graduate? For those of us no longer in school with a report card to rank how we’re doing, there is one way to check our progress – by rating ourselves.

I recently came across my 4th grade report card. Using those same categories, I took the liberty of upgrading them to reflect how we, as adults, could (or should!) be graded today. So go ahead and grade yourself, but be honest, this is for your own good…or so said Miss Kowalski all those years ago. (NOTE: The grading system used below is the exact same one from 1979.)


A: Consistently shows effort B: Usually shows effort C: Sometimes shows effort D: Seldom shows effort

MATHEMATICS (adult version: Finances) Did you make money? Did you save money? Did you invest money? Will you be able to retire on time?

LANGUAGE ARTS (adult version: Emails and Texting) Checks spelling and grammar before hitting “Send” Understands appropriate usage of emojis Remembers to add attachment Bonus points for writing a handwritten letter

SOCIAL STUDIES (adult version: Geography) Arrives at destination on time Knows and understands how to program GPS Shows maturity when lost (a.k.a. doesn’t freak out and is manly enough to stop and ask for directions)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (adult version: Social Media) Makes new friends easily (i.e. real friends, not those on Facebook) Demonstrates Self Control (i.e. Sticks to gym routine, doesn’t devour entire jar of Nutella in one sitting) Is courteous to others (i.e. Doesn’t make disparaging comments on YouTube) Takes care of materials (i.e. keeps their closets organized)

So? How’d you do? Would you post this report card on the fridge? If yes, then great! Consider yourself ready to move on to your next goal. If not, don’t despair, there’s always room for improvement. Like in my case. Turns out, in 4th grade I got a “C” in “Uses independent time wisely.” Crazy right? Me, Efficiency Queen of Time Saving. Anyway, not to worry, summer is here. See you at the beach!

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