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I’m Getting Punchy

I now know why they call it a Punch List.

While many contractors take it upon themselves to put this Punch List together, I create (and update daily) my own and tape it to the wall for Marco and his Merry Men before I leave each morning.

While the Punch List is still filled with important tasks like hanging track lights and flipping the crown molding, they’re mostly the little things that need tweaking, like adjusting cabinet doors so they’re even or screwing faceplates over electric sockets. But for some reason, builders seem averse to completing the Punch List. Heck, at this stage they seem averse to coming back at all.

How do you know when it’s Punch List time? Easy. It’s when you come home expecting to find those little things completed and realize no one was there, that you’ve been downgraded on your contractor’s priority list.

But I can’t complain. Not really. For starters, the beeping fridge has stopped. The beeping made everything worse. Turns out the door was not closing all the way. When the repairman left, one of the builders and I exchanged a high five, happy to have the sound gone. What’s even better is that now the fridge is no longer hanging out next to my couch, but is tucked neatly into the space where it belongs. As for the stove, even though I’m still waiting for it to be attached to the gas line, at least it too has found its permanent home.

And just in time, too. No sooner were these things completed, did I have a visit from a fellow who arrived and right away got down to business making patterns of my three separate countertops. He had his job down to a T as he swiftly sliced 1/8” pieces of plywood and shaped them into the actual sized counters. Plugging in his glue gun, he wielded that thing as deftly as Martha Stewart before a wedding shower. Before long, he was walking out with three templates of my new counter, promising it would be done in two weeks. While I’m not holding my breath (I’ve learned my lesson), I am getting excited. It’s the last step.

Well, that is except for the Punch List.

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