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A few new clients have contacted me lately, desperate to rid their homes of the clutter that has them imprisoned inside. One in particular, a married mother of two toddlers, called me in dire straits.

“There’s stuff everywhere,” she said. “Toys, luggage, linens, laundry, shoes, paper. I’m at my wit’s end. Can you help?”

Of course I can help. I’ve been helping for over 25 years. I’m fast and efficient, but I don’t come cheap.

“That’s a lot for something I can do myself,” she said. “So why haven’t you done it?” I asked gently. After a pause, she said, “Because I’m too overwhelmed.”

Which is why she called a professional. I look at a mountain of stuff and plan an attack strategy: what gets tossed, kept, grouped together and where it belongs.

The mother of two hired me for four hours as a trial run. I went downtown to her spacious two-bedroom loft and after four hours whirling around their million-dollar home, I made a substantial dent. Needless to say, when the four hours were up, the client hired me back.



What I’m always curious about are clients who say they cannot afford me yet one look around their homes and I know the piles of stuff (some with price tags still on it), didn’t just appear; they were bought. And that cost far outweighs my fee to organize it. Some people put more value on tangible items, like pocketbooks and vases, rather than on the quality of their lives. And that’s okay. Everyone’s entitled to spend their money how they like. But in some cases, like a home with not one surface uncovered (including chairs and couches), what you cannot afford is NOT getting the help you need. Just like how a bankruptcy attorney can free you of debt, a professional organizer can free you from the chokehold of your stuff.

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