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Major Change

Are we destined to stay on the same career path? Can we change on a dime? I love stories of the PR consultant who became an OT. The hedge fund manager who became a dog walker. Even I, once chief of staff to a college president, quit to finish writing my first book. Turns out, I’ve been making major changes all along.

I recently found a poem I wrote my sophomore year of college. After three semesters as a math major I was miserable. I wrote a poem expressing how I felt, then spent an entire weekend reading the course catalog, choosing a new major and subsequently, a new path. Meanwhile, if it didn’t work out, I was sure I could be the next Shel Silverstein.

Rereading this poem 20 years later, I may not have become a poet, but it’s safe to say things worked out okay.

Major Change I want to change my major you did not hear my wrong. I feel so far away it’s not where I belong. I don’t enjoy my work the tests confuse me more I break out in a sweat at the mention of my score.

I want to change my major you did not hear me wrong. This is a serious statement not just a poem, rhyme or song. There is a feeling deep inside that upsets me all the time. Could it be an ulcer? A claim that seems a crime. If I change my major The pain may disappear no more calculus or physics for the remainder of my years.

I want to change my major you did not hear me wrong. Math has turned out not to be the area in which I feel strong. What I want to do is write a play or book or maybe paint a picture or design a storybook.

I’ve still got lots of time as far as for my life. Not looking for a husband or to be somebody’s wife. I like to ride my bike with my hands create with clay. Reading is one habit one of many I can say.

I want to change my major you did not hear me wrong I could continue with this poem but that would take too long. With my point set down on paper As clear as I can state I’ll have to prepared for with my parents I’ll debate. “What’s wrong with you and math? Are you crazy or inept? You’ll never make no money and you’ll always be in debt.” But what they don’t realize ‘case they find my idea funny is that I have other plans as for how I’ll make my money.

Now I’ve gone and changed my major you did not hear me wrong. With all the work I’ve now to do I’ll have to say so long. It’s been a tough decision one I had to take with stride. But just the first of many to have survived I’m filled with pride.

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