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My apartment highlighted on NBC

The apartment phenomena continues… Television reporter Ben Aaron visited my apartment today to film his own quirky and funny segment for LXTV NBC. A creative and funny guy, Ben asked all sorts of questions, and created a clever 3-minute segment highlighting the pros of living in a small space. He nailed it when he said it comes down to “location, location, location,” as not many people (me especially!) would choose to live in a 90 square foot apartment anywhere other than NYC.

And for good reason.

This city has so much to offer. Tonight after work I dined at Yum Yum (not kidding, that’s the name), a delicious and fairly priced Thai restaurant in midtown, then walked up to The Time hotel where I stopped briefly to see friends from my 3GNY group at a happy hour in the INC bar, before continuing on up to the new Trader Joe’s for some food shopping before going home. One of the best things about The Big Apple is not just the things to do and the sights to see, but the walking along the way.



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