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No Peace from Too Many Pieces

BEFORE Don Garage

Last weekend I trekked up to Norwalk, CT for a garage makeover. Arriving at Don’s house I immediately headed into the two-car garage, the space Don had been avoiding since he moved in five years before. While his house is meticulous and beautifully decorated, the garage is another story. Overwhelmed by the piles, he had learned to turn a blind eye.

For many, this process is overwhelming. Where to begin? What to toss? What to keep? And then where to store the stuff you keep? Avoidance can go on for years. This is where a professional organizer comes in. Someone not emotionally attached to the stuff who can see the end result and get you

Before 2 Don Garage

Which is why I was there on that chilly, but sunny day.

dumpster full

“To park my car in the garage,” he said.

“Piece of cake,” I told him. He half-smiled, not quite believing it could be done.

After Don Garage

After 2 don garage

After two and a half hours, the puzzle was done, the dumpster was full and Don was thrilled. (Well, stunned and thrilled.) It’s not easy to let go of stuff that represents a part of your past, that you held onto thinking you might use/need/wear one day. But when all is said and done, when you walk into your garage and see your car and the stuff you love, organized into logical placement, oh the peace and sense of serenity it can bring.

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