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Personal baggage fees

Growing up a fan of the Muppets, it was with an open and curious mind I listened when a friend sent me a Youtube link titled “Puppetji vs. Baggage.” Looking like something right out of Jim Henson’s workshop, Puppetji’s motto is pretty straightforward: “You take life too seriously…Enlighten-up.” But this particular video’s message hooked me right in. He talked about how most of us carry our baggage around with us everywhere we go “from house to house, relationship to relationship, lifetime to lifetime.”

Ain’t that the truth.


Whether it’s stuff in boxes or stuff in our minds, this baggage can weigh us down. Not to mention be costly. As we travel through this lifetime, our extra baggage can cost us more, both literally (airline baggage fees anyone?) and figuratively (anger, resentment, grudges, therapists?).  Puppetji tells us to let go of this extra weight – by cleaning out our closets or our minds – and suggests the “Mind Diet” which forces us to look at “what you have accumulated and no longer need or want, but carry around because you think you might need it” and to let go of this clutter and give it to someone who really needs it.

And while it may be easier to clean out a closet than your mind, it’s always worked for me when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed by thoughts, to tackle something easy. Whether it’s reorganizing my closet, cleaning out a tote of electronic wires or going through files, this tiny accomplishment – filling a bag for garbage or the Goodwill – not only gives me a lift for doing a little downsizing, but the exercise helps me think through my thoughts.

Statler and Waldorf - my favs

Puppetji ends his talk by saying that the Mind Diet will “bring peace, space and joy,” but also adds that it will give you “more room for some new stuff.”  Yes, Puppetji would fit right in with Statler and Waldorf, the two irritable, old men Muppets who made disparaging comments from the balcony.

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