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Summer lovin’ had me a blast…or, what I learned on my summer vacation

The five weeks I spent on Cape Cod this summer flew by faster than the Concorde into retirement. Tomorrow I drive back to New York City prepared to be shell-shocked by the crowds, the acrid aroma that wafts off the streets, and of course my tiny apartment. After spending all this time in a spacious home with a normal-sized refrigerator, couches, beds you can sit up in, a garage, and, well, many more simple amenities, one thing is for sure: I’m returning to The Big Apple a whole lot more rested.

My sister and I racing lobsters in the kitchen

While my days were filled with exercise, salty air, writing, jigsaw puzzles, projects, entertaining, and loads of errands, they were done so at a much more leisurely pace than my usual hurried rate. But whether my natural tempo is cranked up high because of New York City or my own personal speed, the realization that just as much can get done without rushing and being pushy (ya hear that all other New Yorkers!) has been a life-altering discovery.

I’m looking forward to testing my new breakthrough upon arrival into Manhattan. First stop when I get back will be to Trader Joe’s on West 72nd Street to restock my mini fridge. I plan to take my time and enjoy the shopping experience even as the check-out line grows to 50 or 60 deep. And when standing on the subway platform, if the train car is packed, instead of nestling myself in between annoyed riders, I will wait for the next one. And finally, I’m considering dialing down my morning power walk in Central Park into a leisurely stroll. For what’s the rush in all these instances? I’m still going to end up with the same groceries, arrive at the same destination, and exercise along the same route, the only difference is I might feel a lot less stressed.

And sure, maybe after two weeks my regular scheduled tempo will kick back in, but at least by that time it’ll be Labor Day and I’ll be back on The Cape for one final summer visit!

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