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The Gloves Are Off

The real benefit of being organized is that you don’t misplace things. That is until you do.



Losing gl


I returned to the gym and approached the front desk. To my relief, my glove was in Lost and Found. I walked out laughing at the irony. The last several winters I’ve walked by dozens, if not hundreds, of lost gloves on the street. Each winter I would say, “I should take pictures of these gloves.” This year I finally did. So far I’m up to 34 and it’s only been three months. There’s something sad about a l



For organizers everywhere, lost is four-letter word. We don’t lose things. Not at home, not at work and, god forbid, not on the street. It’s knowing where everything is that makes us organizers. So when we lose something, even something as simple as a glove, it’s unsettling.

As a kid I had metal clips that attached my gloves to the end of my coat sleeves. They we

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