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The way to begin is to begin

While biking along the Cape Cod Canal the other day (I can’t keep away!), a woman jogged by wearing a T-shirt that read: “The only way to finish is to start.”

So true.

Whether reorganizing your garage,

Any project I’ve ever done – whether unpacking a family of five into their new home, writing a book, fitting my life in 90 square feet, or preparing a college commencement for 4,000 graduates – I compare it to completing a puzzle. The trick is to break it down into manageable parts, whether literally moving things into smaller piles or making a list, then it’s much easier to complete. Instead of seeing all 1,000 pieces, first do the ends. Instead of looking at it like writing an entire book, write one chapter, instead of s

Baby steps. Manageable steps. Doable steps.

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