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Time Well Spent

Last week I took a “time out” and went to New Mexico for a vacation. It was there,

Ever notice how a week’s vacation flies by faster than a Learjet, yet the days themselves seem to stretch on infinitely? Not fractured by commuting, work, meetings, more commuting, and possibly an after work commitment, vacation days seem to be one long moment

Even though I spent the morning of my last day of vacation in an urgent care office in Santa Fe trying to figure out why my left eye swelled up like I’d just gone a few rounds with Rocky Balboa, I took it in stride. What else did I have to do? Where else did I need to be? Sure, I’d been planning to hike the Tent Rocks, but it wasn’t like

Now I’m in that span of time when you return home from a vacation and it can often be a let down.

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