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Turning keepsakes and collectibles into art

My new friend Nives from Croatia is a collector of seashells. Hundreds of them. Collected from years of vacations with her mother. Now, however, they’re taking over her home. What to do? Nives is picking out her favorites and gluing them to an otherwise plain picture frame. Then inside she can put a picture of her with her mother from one of their trips.  This is a great way to retain a memory and clear away some collectibles and can be done with other things like tickets from concerts or sports games or theater shows, and even those can be turned into a collage inside the frame.  My friend M. is a collector of many things, including shot glasses. While she’s been out of college for some time, still she can’t part with them. I was able to talk her into keeping only 7 and those she keeps in her kitchen and inside she puts her vitamins and pills. “A fun way to take them,” she says. Whatever works folks.

One other option for collectibles, is of course selling them and you can do that on ebay or Craig’s List.  But while I admit to still having a box of Wacky Pack stickers, the truth is, selling collectibles takes time and many of us never get around to it. A charitable organization called Collectibles With Causes takes your collectibles – stamps, music equipment, baseball cards, vintage cars, comic books, even Star Wars action figures to name a few – and uses the money to “bring about real and lasting change for the medically, educationally and developmentally challenged or simply those met with unexpected tragic challenges that happen to many of us.” And it’s tax deductible. So it’s a win-win.

If you have any ideas you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you.



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