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Weather or Not

Winter ain’t over just yet folks. While that’s not great for outdoor activities or our skin, it can be beneficial to our closets. It’s our one last chance to be ruthless.

This latest blast of cold weather is a great opportunity to wear anything you haven’t worn all winter (or the one before, or the one before that.). Then by the day’s end (or immediately) you will know whether the item is a keeper or should go into the donate pile.

This easy step is a great way to gauge our stuff and unload items we really don’t need. Many of us simply put all our winter clothing away without going through it. Why continue to store items we’ve outgrown, are worn out, we don’t like, don’t match anything else, or we just haven’t worn and truthfully, never will. Plus, how many of us have the storage space?

“Oh, but that item cost so much,” is an excuse uttered by many for not getting rid of clothing. I talked about this on Saturday with Dottie Herman, CEO of Douglas Elliman, on her radio show Eye on Real Estate. We all have at least one piece of clothing in our closet we spent good money on that we know we will never wear, but just can’t let go of. But think about it, the money is only wasted if the outfit isn’t worn. Donating the clothing allows someone else to wear and enjoy it, and will make you feel better too. Think of your donating not just as a way of getting rid of stuff, but of helping others in need. This new mindset will help you say “buh bye!” to those unworn pieces of clothing.

So this week, especially for those in New England, wear those items you haven’t worn or are not sure about and thank Mother Nature for this last chilly chance. While you’re at it, thank your mother too, for she was probably the one who taught you how to put away your clothes in the first place.

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