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What’s Today Again?

Happy Giving Tuesday! Today is the day to make donations and give back after all the spending we did on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday an

d Cyber Monday. But these are not the only days that dictate how we should spend them. On Super Bowl Sunday we watch football and eat, on Super Tuesday we vote, and on Zucchini Day (August 8th, for those interested) we, well, we eat zucchini.

The naming of all these days reminds me of a childhood friend. When she was asked, “What day is today?” this little girl would yank down her pants to look at her colorful underwear and enthusiastically exclaim, “It’s Tuesday!” Or Thursday or Saturday or whatever day of the week it was on the

day she was asked. While we laughed at her Days of the Week underwear (for truly, it was to be seen to be believed), now I’m not so sure that was such a ridiculous idea. Take it a step further and envision having specified clothing for each day of the week.

Many a workplace already has Dress Down Fridays, but what if there was Dress Up Mondays, Green Outfit Tuesdays, or Spandex Thursdays? How much time would it save narrowing our choices when getting dressed each morning? Just think of all that extra sleep if you didn’t have to fret about what to wear. It could be like being on vacation all the time and you’re limited to only what’s in your suitcase. With our closets bursting with unworn clothing, we can’t (and don’t) wear it all. Oftentimes those unworn clothes are just taking up space and blocking the view of the good stuff.

A few years ago I tried an experiment. I set out to wear everything I owned at least once before wearing the same thing twice. I started with one side of the closet and worked my to the other. It’s funny what happens when you wear something you’ve been giving the cold shoulder to for months (or years!). You either realize you love it or are reminded of why you haven’t worn it (rides up in the back, itches, or doesn’t match anything else you own). The real benefit of this experiment was that anything I didn’t absolutely love went right to donation, leaving my closet full (or, rather, not so full) of items I only loved.

And who wouldn’t want to see that in their closet every day of the week?

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